February 18 2005
New Layout
Don't be scared, it's still the same fansite - well, almost. I hope all of you like the new layout. New content will follow. The episode details from the newly released DVD are also online now. And more downloads will follow soon. Enjoy.

August 26 2004
9 new episodes will be out on DVD on August 24 in the Czech Republic. Episodes 61 to 69 are on it. Only nine more to go and all the promised new episodes that should be out in 2004 are completed. I'll give you more details as soon as I get my copy. Many thanks to Pavel for letting me know about the new DVD. | more |

February 8 2004
Big DVD overview
Finally finally it is online, the big DVD overview. Infos, screenshots and more for every DVD. Read on to get informations about bonus material, the picture and sound quality and details on how to order the DVDs if you're not living in the Czech Republic or in Japan. | more |

February 8 2004
Own Domain: patandmat.net
UPDATE YOUR BOOKMAKRS! This weekend I thought that the Pat & Mat Fansite deserves an own domain. We are now reachable at http://www.patandmat.net. Cool, huh!

February 8 2004
Update in Progress
DVD overview is finally completed. Get an inside look at the available Japanese and Czech Pat & Mat DVDs. | more |

Regarding the new DVD with 10 brandnew episodes, I added those episodes to the list. | more |

The first downloads have also arrived. Two MP3-files of the Pat & Mat soundtrack and a cool desktop picture. | more |

It's not easy to find Pat & Mat content on the net. But Japan and Korea seem to be quite big Pat & Mat fans. There are a lot of sites and online shops there. But it's hard to understand those sites without beeing able to read Korean or Japanese. Check out our link list. | more |

December 7 2003
New episodes on DVD
Wow! I was quite surprised. After finding an easter egg on a Czech DVDs with some scenes of the new Pat & Mat episodes, ten of them got their DVD release this September. Now, having this fourth DVD here with me, I was able to update the episode list with those ten new episodes. Some of them are very very funny. Check out the new list with a picture to each episode. | more |

July 12 2002
28 new Episodes!
Ateliéry Bonton Zlín is currently producing 28 new Pat & Mat episodes. Some are already finished. Ten of them were recently released on DVD in Czech. | more |

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